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Napoleonic chimney canopies

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Among the parts of the system chimney liners are various types of chimney canopies, including the Napoleon canopy. What distinguishes it from others and in what situations it is worth opting for it?

Why chimney canopies are installed?

Various types of canopies are mounted on masonry and system chimneys. The main task of such a component is to protect the chimney from the entry of precipitation and various types of contaminants into it. This, in turn, translates into the efficiency of the chimney system and the safety of those in the rooms connected to it. Canopies and chimney cowls increase chimney draught and at the same time prevent back draught from occurring. In addition, the canopy protects against birds, which just at the chimney inlet like to nest.

How to choose chimney canopies?

Despite the fact that all chimney canopies will perform similar functions, browsing through more models, it is not difficult to see that visually they differ significantly from each other. The very size and form of the canopy is determined by the chimney. It must fit perfectly, so it is chosen with reference to what size and shape the chimney is. With rectangular chimneys, a triangular and sloping canopy is most often installed. If the chimney is square, the canopy is similar to the previous case, but is shorter than it. Flat oval-shaped canopies are installed on the oval chimney. Rounded models are also available. While the shape and dimension of the canopy itself must match the chimney, the style can already be a matter of individual choice. The safest choice is to focus on universal canopies that will look good with any roof. However, you can bet on something a little more original. One of such more interesting suggestions is the napoleon chimney canopy. It gets its name from its unique form resembling the headdress of a legendary chief. Such a model will not only be practical, but also look good, hence it is one of the variants readily chosen.

Napoleon canopy - the quality of materials matters

Another important issue to consider when buying is the material of which the canopy will be made. By itself, the canopy is a fairly versatile proposition and will work well in many cases. However, it can be made of different materials, which will not always be equally durable. Among the cheapest variants are those made of plastic. Unfortunately, such a model will not perform its functions well and will need to be replaced rather quickly. A Napoleon canopy for a stainless steel chimney will work much better. It combines weather resistance, durability and high aesthetics.

Napoleon chimney canopy offered by STERR

Since the Napoleon canopy is located in a place exposed to harsh weather conditions and contact with exhaust fumes, we have made sure that each model available in the STERR store's assortment meets the stringent requirements of the. For this reason, we use acid-resistant stainless steel for their production. This gives you the confidence that the napoleon chimney canopy will reliably perform its functions for a long time. Installation of each model is simple and the canopy simply needs to be bolted to the concrete slab. Different chimney systems are used in construction, which means that depending on the chimney a different sized canopy will fit in each case. In our assortment you can find canopies in different sizes. There are smaller models available that have a dimension of 50 × 50 cm and are suitable for larger chimneys with a dimension of 80 × 80 cm.

Why buy STERR brand canopies?

There's a reason why STERR products are among the most recognized in the home furnishings market. Customers appreciate both the quality of the materials of the various products and the care taken in their workmanship. Napoleon canopies have undergone many tests, so we are sure that the buyer will receive a top-quality piece that will serve for a long time. Reliability and durability are also characterized by the other products in our offer, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our entire range of products.