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ALD ventilation ducts - aluminum, flexible

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Ventilation systems cannot do without matching aluminum ventilation ducts. To meet the needs of our customers, we provide high-quality ALD flexible ducts that can be used in a wide range of ventilation installations. All of the duct versions available in our store meet the generally accepted standards in the construction industry, making satisfied customers eager to return to us.

Available with us ventilation ducts have found recognition not only with individual consumers. Over the years of activity, we have developed a wide range of satisfied customers among installers who have the most exorbitant expectations regarding the quality of the materials they buy. This in itself testifies to the superior quality of our aluminum ventilation ducts.

Aluminum ventilation ducts from proven materials

All aluminum ventilation ducts from our offer are made of carefully selected materials. We pay a lot of attention to ensure that products are designed to perform their function and also maintain a satisfactory level of durability. ALD channels are made in multiple layers, which allows them to achieve very good parameters. The cable itself is made of durable aluminum, which shows a very high resistance to working conditions.

Both temperature and moisture do not adversely affect this material. At the same time, it retains a very high level of mechanical resistance to physical damage, or to corrosion. This allows for easy installation, during which there is no risk of accidental damage to the ducts, and the operation of the system itself is then possible for many decades, without having to replace the ducts with new ones.

Aluminum ventilation ducts are additionally coated with polyester. This makes the insulation, and strength parameters even better. After all, the aluminum ventilation ducts from our offer are designed to work in a very large temperature range from -30 to as high as +140 degrees Celsius. As a result, they prove to be very versatile, making them suitable for use in all ventilation systems.

Strength of aluminum ventilation ducts

The ducts are designed to withstand pressures of up to 2,500 Pa. Maximum airflow is as high as 25 meters per second. This means that they can operate for many years in standard installations, and conditions will not be too demanding for them.

For all channels we provide an appropriate warranty for 24 months, so each customer is assured that he gets the product he pays for.

Flexible ventilation ducts - great versatility

The ventilation ducts available from us are flexible, which allows for easy installation and versatile use. The bending angle is large enough that they can be distributed even in tight ventilation ducts without damaging the structure. It is possible to install the cables both in adapted ventilation ducts and directly inside the room. The latter method of installation is recommended on industrial facilities, but the cables are made aesthetically pleasing enough that it is not a visual problem.

Ventilation ducts are ideal for both industrial facilities and single-family homes, multi-family homes, or outbuildings.

Ventilation ducts - different lengths

To meet the needs of our customers, we offer different variants of aluminum ventilation ducts. They are available in diameters such as:

  • 100 mm,
  • 125 mm,
  • 150 mm,
  • 160 mm,
  • 200 mm.

Each wire size can be purchased from us in different lengths. There are versions starting with short sections of 3 meters, and the longest variants are as long as 10 meters running.

We complete all purchases as quickly as possible. Delivery time usually does not exceed 1-2 business days, and all shipments are made with the help of reliable courier companies. If in doubt, feel free to contact us by phone, or email.