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Duct fans 125 mm

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All ventilation ducts need proper fittings to function properly. In the offer of our store we propose duct fans 125 mm, which can be used in all ventilation ducts requiring forced air flow. As a STERR brand, we have been on the market for many years, and during this time we have developed optimal technological solutions in this area. Thanks to the diligence of our fans and the use of high-grade materials, we provide products that meet the exacting requirements of the construction industry.

Over the years we have earned the trust of individual customers who are satisfied with our duct fans, as well as corporate customers with the highest requirements. Professional installers are eager to return to us, offering their customers duct fans STERR, which testifies to the corresponding quality of our products.

Duct fans 125 mm - only top-class components

We know very well that a refined fan design is not enough. For durability and efficient operation, it is still important to use high-end components and maintain precision during the production process. We pay great attention to this, and all 125 mm duct fans are made of well-matched materials. As a result, they are able to last for many years, even during intensive work. The duct fan consists of a sturdy housing that is resistant to damage, as well as durable components such as ball bearings.

The latter are extremely important in order for a duct fan to be able to maintain adequate performance, with minimal power consumption, as well as to operate for a sufficiently long time without malfunctioning. That's why we use only top-quality bearings that guarantee trouble-free operation for a long period of time. The whole structure of the fan is designed to meet all the requirements according to the corresponding IP class.

High efficiency of 125 mm duct fans

Knowing that each ventilation system has different requirements, we offer different models of 125 mm duct fans. The most powerful ones have a capacity of less than 300 m3/h. Among our proposals, however, there are also variants with a slightly smaller capacity. Some of them have 2 gears, which allows you to smoothly adjust the intensity of work to the requirements of a particular installation. The pressure reached by the fans is as high as 159 Pa at 2250 RPM.

Each model is slightly different in size, but they are sized to fit standard ventilation ducts. All detailed dimensions are listed next to the model.

For detailed information on the technical parameters of each model, see the specifications for each product. Taking care of customers' comfort, we provide details such as capacity, dimensions, diameter, and IP class.

Duct fans with a wide range of applications

Our products meet the requirements of standard ventilation installations in terms of all parameters. Their versatility is also influenced by their ability to be mounted both vertically and horizontally. As a result, there are no restrictions on installing them anywhere in the plant.

In addition, they are designed to operate comfortably in both industrial and residential buildings. The precision of manufacture and the use of top-class ball bearings makes the operation of 125 mm duct fans extremely quiet, so they in no way cause discomfort in the use of the building. At the same time, they guarantee sufficient capacity to take care of the right microclimate of the rooms thanks to sufficient air flow.

We invite you to have a successful shopping experience in our store, and we will be happy to assist you if needed. If you have any doubts about particular products, or the purchasing process, please contact us by email or phone, and we will certainly help you with everything.