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Ventilation with heat recovery

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One of the products in our store worth looking at is a heat recovery fan. It is an essential element if the house is to have recuperation, which is mechanical ventilation that is a great alternative to gravity ventilation.

Heat recovery ventilation vs. gravity ventilation

Gravity ventilation is most common in bathrooms. Its operation is natural and depends on the draught that is in the chimney. Although widely used, this type of ventilation often proves inadequate. That's when investors think about mechanical ventilation. Heat recovery ventilation is characterized by the fact that its efficiency is always the same, regardless of the weather outside, and can be adjusted.

Recuperation - what it consists of?

In the case of recuperation, ducts are placed in individual rooms to bring in fresh air, as well as ducts responsible for exhausting used air out of the building. For this to be possible, the presence of a recuperator is essential. It consists of heat exchangers and a fan, hence the heat recovery fan is gaining interest.

With good quality equipment it is possible to recover up to 90% of the heat from the air. The recuperator is able to heat cold air coming from outside by using heat from the air it removes from the room. A good heat recovery fan will help lower heating bills and increase energy efficiency. The operation of such a fan is also appreciated in summer, when the cooling effect can be obtained. This is possible at night, when the temperature outside is lower than inside the house.

Heat recovery fan - why you should think about it?

It can be said that the heat recovery fan is a whole new standard in construction. Not only does it provide much more efficient ventilation, but it is also associated with energy savings. Through forced air circulation, householders can breathe fresh and clean air all the time. This, in turn, significantly improves the comfort of the room.

With us you can find a heat recovery fan!

The STERR brand is known for its reliability and dependability. We are a company with many years of experience and we make sure that our customers have access to the highest quality products. At the same time, we are aware of the diversity of buyers' needs, so the prepared offer is extensive and includes many product categories. For those looking for proven solutions to reduce costs and increase comfort, one such ideal solution is a heat recovery fan.

The devices have several modes of operation, have a simple and modern design, and are thoughtfully designed in every respect. The heat recovery wall fan by STERR has a remote control option, making its use more convenient. There are two filters and a ceramic core in the fan channel. Its design prevents foreign bodies from entering the premises.

Heat recovery fan by its design will blend well with modern decor, where minimalism and simple form are valued. In addition to it, you can buy from us other fans, which are also reliable and made of good quality materials. We invite you to take a look at the full range of STERR store, which includes not only ventilation components, but also air conditioning brackets, wireless bells, heaters and many other products that will find their use in residential and commercial buildings.