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Radial Fans

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It has been known for a long time that proper ventilation of rooms is a necessity, regulated by the building law. Every home, office, catering establishment or business must have properly functioning and efficient ventilation. We offer you a high quality range, including radial fans in various guises. This type of ventilation is dedicated to more advanced buildings, with large rooms where a significant number of people reside. The fans available from us are extremely efficient and represent the best quality in the entire market. is a trusted place to source assortments from top manufacturers. For years, our brand has been creating and completing products that have no margin for error, which is why we enjoy such a high level of customer support. You will find not only the best fans, but also wireless bells, air ducts, room thermostats or bathroom fans. Each category has been properly refined to meet the expectations of even the most demanding.

What radial fans are and how they work?

Radial fans are devices that are characterized by a complex design. They are used to create air movement in a particular room, by which it will be ventilated. They overwhelm the air perpendicular to the direction of the propeller axis, corresponding to the direction of suction, which is why they are considered one of the most efficient fans on the market. Air is pushed through the fan propellers by centrifugal force, so there is no possibility of returning air back to the ventilated room.

What to look for when choosing radial fans?

By far the most important parameter that will reflect the operation of a radial fan is its power. On the Shop you will find fans with power: 110W, 175W and 51W. The larger and more used the room, the more powerful the device should be selected. In addition, do not forget about the dimensions of the fan as well - it must fit in the installation and perform its tasks adequately. We offer you extremely efficient products that will work well for various types of buildings - you will find radial fans with a capacity of 945m3/h, 680m3/h and 262m3/h.

Each ventilation system and building has its own structural requirements, so the final decision on the selection of a fan should be made, taking into account all the necessary parameters and calculations.

What is in our offer?

The offer we offer you includes products of the highest quality. They are characterized primarily by such features as - quiet operation, high efficiency, stable operating temperature, vertical and horizontal mounting, aesthetics of workmanship and quality guarantee.

Noteworthy is the IDC200 model, which is by far the favorite in the store. Its gray housing is very versatile, making it blend into the design of any room. Customers note the high efficiency of this fan and reliability. Ball bearings and the ability to install in different positions make it easier to install the equipment and operate it. In addition, the dimensions of 397x380x250 further facilitate installation, even in hard-to-reach spaces. It is also worth mentioning the IDC150, which has a power of 110 W and can produce pressure, as much as 446 Pa at 2450 RPM.

We are so confident in the high quality of the equipment we offer that we provide a 24-month warranty with each purchase, which protects the customer from any defects or equipment failures. We are committed to ensuring that the device purchased from us, by you, serves well and meets all requirements and expectations.

Radial fans - applications

The use of radial fans is carried out on a large scale. Every home must have adequate ventilation to ensure the health of themselves and their household members. Radial fans are perfect for bringing in fresh air and exhausting stale air from a room. Few people realize that the radial ventilation system can be combined with other devices such as kitchen hoods that have a grease filter. For this type of fan, the user can buy special filters that will not only heat, but also clean the air of carbon dioxide and toxins.

Radial fans are dedicated to complex installations and to provide air movement in large rooms. They generate high pressure, so they are suitable for venting air over long distances - this means that in smaller apartments or houses this type of ventilation may be too much and it is better to bet on more standard solutions.

We would like to cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the following offer! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and our friendly and professional staff will be sure to answer all your concerns.