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Spherical and longitudinal chimney cowls

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One type of chimney cowl is the ball chimney cowl. Thanks to its presence, the chimney draft will work much more efficiently. This type of cowls can be found in the STERR offer.

When chimney cowls are used?

In order for a chimney to perform its functions well, that is, to carry away flue gases and used air, it must have adequate chimney draft, and no contaminants can enter the chimney. This is precisely prevented by chimney cowls.

Based on building regulations, they should be used in areas where the wind is strong and its direction changes. They are mandatory if the building stands near tall trees, the chimney has a small section or length, or is lower than the roof slope. Browsing through the cowls, you can find them in many variants. Among those that are most popular are the spherical rotary caps. Why they are the ones most often reached for?

Spherical chimney cowls - the biggest advantages

The spherical rotary cowl, like other cowls, is located at the chimney outlet and its purpose is to support the chimney draught. Although it seems to be no different from other solutions in this respect, it works much more efficiently than many other types available. Due to the fact that the cap rotates, it is able to work in a dynamic way and additionally use energy from the wind. Spherical chimney cowls change their position depending on which direction the wind is blowing from. This makes the cowl work efficiently regardless of wind strength. Like other chimney cowls yes, and those with a spherical shape also prevent various types of debris, such as leaves, rain and snow, from entering the cable. They also eliminate the risk of bird nests on the chimney.

Important correct choice of cap

If the flue pipe is not terminated with a cowl or the cowl is improperly selected, it may be difficult or even impossible to obtain a proper chimney draught. It is enough that the weather outside is unfavorable, and it will be difficult to have an efficient air exchange. Little, a back draft can occur, and harmful compounds will enter the premises, posing a direct threat to health and life. When reviewing ball chimney cowls, one of the main things to look at is the material of construction. In the situation where the ball chimney cowl is to terminate the flue pipe, it must be of stainless steel or other resistant metal. Only such will allow long use despite contact with toxic compounds present in the exhaust gases. A spherical chimney cap made of less durable material will last maybe one heating season and start to deteriorate. Then, too, not only would it not be a support for the chimney draft, but it could further disrupt it. There are fewer requirements for the products that are to form the termination of the ventilation duct.

STERR brand spherical rotary cowls

During the design and production of our products, we make sure that they meet strength and quality standards. Before the ball chimney cowls went on sale, they were subjected to tests and verifications. Formed from good grade durable aluminum. They work reliably for a long time and are easy to install. However, to make sure they perform their functions perfectly, it is best to entrust their installation to professionals. Along with inspecting the chimney flues, the chimney sweep should also check how the rotary ball cap looks. At that time, it should also be removed and cleaned of the dirt on it. We provide a two-year warranty on our spherical swivel cowls.

STERR brand products are known for their excellent quality in Poland and abroad. Customers appreciate their reliability and aesthetics. The proposed ball chimney cowls are refined to the smallest detail, so we are confident that they will meet the expectations of buyers. Our offer also includes many other items for home furnishings, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire range of STERR store.