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Duct fans 100 mm

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Ventilation in large buildings requires dedicated accessories. In our offer you can find a high-class duct fan 100 mm designed for installation in chimney ducts, ventilation ducts, as well as in other places requiring forced air flow. The fans we produce are tailored to the needs of the market and meet all the standards required in the construction industry. Over the years of operation, we have gained a lot of positive feedback among customers, and we are trusted not only by individual customers, but also by companies.

At duct fans from our offer often decide professional installers and professionals building ventilation ducts. Thus, the quality of our products is evidenced by the trust of the most demanding group of customers who are eager to return to us. The STERR brand has been on the market for many years, and during this time we regularly adapt our products to current technological solutions used by leading manufacturers.

Duct fans 100 mm - high quality materials

We know very well that for the durability and efficiency of fans, it is very important to use proven high-quality materials. Therefore, all components of each model of 100 mm duct fan are made of carefully selected components. These include plastics, as well as metal components that ensure durability for decades to come. The 100 mm duct fans are guaranteed for 24 months, so each customer is sure to get a working product that meets the highest quality control criteria.

Efficient operation of duct fans thanks to ball bearings

Efficient operation, energy efficiency and durability are also influenced by the use of durable ball bearings. Each 100mm duct fan has bearings that guarantee minimal friction allowing the fan to run for a long time without damaging its structure. This helps ensure not only efficiency, but also quiet operation.

Each model has slightly different technical specifications. The most powerful models have capacities as high as nearly 300 m3/h, with 33 watts of power and speeds exceeding 2250 RPM. However, we also offer less efficient models, so each customer will find a duct fan variant from us that will meet their specific needs. Some of the models also have several gears, which allows for better management of fan operation. All of our fans are designed to operate at temperatures suitable for ventilation systems and chimneys. They can be used in any ventilation duct.

Each of the models also has slightly different dimensions, but they are quite compact fans, which by their size are adapted to the commonly used cross-sections of ventilation ducts. A huge advantage is also that they can be installed both vertically and horizontally, which means that it is possible to install the fan on any section of the ventilation duct.

Detailed technical specifications of each model are given in the descriptions of each product. There you can find the exact performance of a particular model, dimensions, number of gears, unit dimensions, as well as IP scale strength, and operating temperature.

Quiet operation of 100 mm duct fans

We know very well how important it is that 100 mm duct fans are characterized by quiet operation for building comfort. All of the models are designed to avoid generating unnecessary noise. This is due to the use of high-quality bearings, the appropriate shape of the housing and the blades themselves. Thanks to this, our duct fans can be successfully used both in private houses that are residential buildings and on industrial facilities. Quiet operation here goes hand in hand with high-level efficiency.

We invite you to store in our store, and if you have any doubts, please contact us by phone or e-mail, and we will certainly be happy to help you with any questions.