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Ventilation chimney cowls

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Most buildings use gravity ventilation, in which case there is a chimney cap on the chimney. It performs important functions and is available in many different types. It can also be found in STERR's product range.

How the chimney cap works?

Although the chimney cap is a small and often inconspicuous termination on the roof, the chimney draft depends on it. The very principle of its operation is simple. The chimney cowl uses the wind to create negative pressure in the flue or ventilation duct. This in turn translates into the aforementioned chimney draft and more efficient gravity ventilation. However, the same cowl model will not always work best.

What are the differences between chimney cowls?

One of the main tasks that the chimney cap performs is to prevent the formation of back draught in the ventilation duct. Depending on what other purposes they are supposed to serve, a different type of cap is reached for. The simplest to construct is a canopy to protect against rain. It is not a cap, but it is sometimes used instead. Unfortunately, this is not a sufficient solution when it comes to supporting the chimney draft. Hence, the chimney cap is encountered much more frequently. There are three basic types of it.

The first of these is the fixed ventilation chimney cap. It always has the same position, regardless of the direction of the wind blowing. In the case of asymmetric models, h-type disadvantage is the dependence of parameters on wind.

Self-adjusting chimney cowls are another type. Unlike the previous ones, their positioning changes according to the wind direction. Cover the flue well and create a negative pressure corresponding to the wind speed.

The last type is rotary caps. Their distinctive feature is the presence of blades on the head. When the wind blows the cowl makes a rotating motion, the blades bring out the air going into the duct, thus creating a chimney draft.

How to choose chimney cowls?

When reviewing ventilation chimney cowls, you need to pay attention to what type of flue they will fit into. Other solutions are used for ventilation, and others when they are to be the termination of flue pipes. The proposed models are different not only in terms of the type of cap. The material from which they are made will also be different. Each building has smoke, ventilation and flue gas ducts. Whether their culmination on the roof will be the right chimney cap determines its proper operation and durability.

Consequences of not having a chimney cap

If there is no chimney cowl on the chimney or the wrong type is installed, it is difficult to get adequate chimney draft in the first place. However, this is not the only problem. The chimney cap protects against wind, and its absence means that during adverse weather conditions the exchange of indoor air will be impossible. There may even be a backward thrust.

Among the consequences, it is worth mentioning the increasing discomfort in the use of the various rooms and the greater risk of the appearance of moisture. The aforementioned creation of a back draft makes ventilation work as a supply. Thus, the exhaust fumes, which find their way into the air in the bathrooms and pose a serious threat to health and life, are reversed.

STERR brand chimney cowl - quality for years to come

In the offer of our store you can find canopies, smoke and ventilation chimney cowls. All the proposed products are designed to perform their functions perfectly, and the highest quality materials are used in their manufacture. A wide selection allows you to choose a model to fit any flue, and high quality translates into reliability and durability. Each of our chimney caps will work efficiently for a long time. The STERR brand has been known and respected for years. We are trusted by many customers, this guarantees that our products meet all requirements. Since the STERR store also offers other products such as heaters, fans, and thermostats, we encourage you to take a look at the entire offer.