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Silent home fans, LED

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Maintaining the correct microclimate and clean air in a building requires specialized equipment - fans. There are many versions available on the market, which need to be properly matched to the building. Available in our store fans are available in versions that will work well in a wide range of buildings. You can find products suitable for single-family homes, multi-family buildings, as well as small and large commercial buildings, such as warehouses, industrial halls and storage facilities. The use of fans is essential wherever you want to maintain adequate air circulation.

Household fans - basic types

In our store you can find different types of fans. They are:
- bathroom fans,
- duct fans,
- centrifugal fans.

Among the many models, you can find models in different price ranges with us - the smallest ones cost less than PLN 100, while large fans cost up to less than PLN 1000. Among them are wall-mounted versions. To meet the needs of customers, we offer fans in different colors. There are black, white, silver, gray, or gold versions. So everyone can find a variant that fits the style of the interior in which it is to be used. Quiet LED home fans are very aesthetically pleasing, and they are not a nuisance to those in the room.

In our assortment there will be versions of fans of different sizes. The smallest are 100 mm in diameter, while the largest are as large as 200 mm. Most are powered by 230V, although some models require 12V AC. For detailed information on the technical parameters of a specific model, please refer to the product descriptions of each model.

Bathroom fans

One of the rooms where you need to install a fan is the bathroom. After all, in the long run, it is inevitable that moisture will not accumulate here unless you artificially force air circulation. Fans in bathrooms are used to maintain a favorable microclimate and keep the air constantly crisp and fresh. Available in our store bathroom fans are matched both visually and in terms of technical parameters to the needs of bathrooms of average size. They can also be used in larger spaces, such as garages or basements, for example. The models available in our assortment are very quiet, so they do not disturb the comfort of the bathroom.

Duct fans

When designing ventilation in a house, it is important to remember that sometimes it is necessary to artificially force proper circulation in the ventilation ducts. Duct fans are designed precisely to force a draught sufficient to exchange air between the room and the end of the ventilation duct. Fans of this type, available from us, can be adapted to ducts of different diameters. Their advantage is that they can be mounted vertically or horizontally. If you want to maintain proper air circulation, and the building has long ventilation ducts, duct fans are an essential piece of equipment. In addition to providing the correct microclimate in the room through air circulation, they are also able to minimize the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria in the ventilation ducts.

Radial fans

Those looking for a device that guarantees intensive air circulation require more advanced solutions. In such a situation, the following will work well centrifugal fans, which are available from us in many versions. These are quite complex devices that can have up to several hundred watts of power, giving them an output of up to 1000m3/h.

Fans - additional functionalities

In our offer you can find home fans in different versions with practical functionalities. One of them is the built-in timer, available on many models. It allows you to easily program the fan to run when you want it to. Then you don't need to remember to turn it on yourself, as it will turn on and off on its own, ensuring continuous air circulation on a daily basis. This will allow you to take care of the microclimate in the room without maintenance. Once the timer is set, the fan runs on its own.

Another of the options is PIR. Home fans that have this feature turn on when the door is opened. They then turn off moments after the door is opened and closed again. This is a very practical solution, for example, in bathrooms. From a practical point of view, the fan will turn on when someone enters the bathroom, and turn off immediately after they leave - such a solution is maintenance-free, and the fan will allow you to force circulation when it is acutely necessary.

Those struggling with moisture in the bathroom will be interested in models with a humidistat. These are versions with moisture level sensors. Such fans turn on when sensors indicate a pre-set percentage of air humidity.

Thanks to a convenient search engine, you can very quickly find models with your preferred technical parameters with us.