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Bathroom fans with motion sensor, PIR

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Taking care of the right microclimate in the bathroom is the first thing to take care of. An indispensable accessory that provides this are motion sensor bathroom fans. The fans available in our store can be precisely matched to your expectations and the characteristics of bathroom use. In addition, all of the models can be used not only in the bathroom, but also in other rooms with high humidity - basements or garages. In our assortment, we strive to provide the widest possible spectrum of models so that everyone can choose what they need. So among them are fans that have additional features, such as PIR, LED backlighting, or a timer.

Motion sensor bathroom fans - are they necessary?

According to the standards, every bathroom should have access to a ventilation chimney. This is required, among other things, by construction law, but it is worth approaching this not as an unnecessary formal obligation, but rather, as a necessary issue that determines the comfort of the bathroom. Ventilation chimneys are essential in any room with high humidity and elevated temperatures. In the bathroom, due to the use of showers or baths, the humidity is very high, and with the simultaneous increase in temperature, this makes ideal conditions for the development of fungi, mold, or a whole range of microorganisms harmful to human health. Motion sensor bathroom fans help minimize this effect.

Microbial growth in the bathroom can cause direct and indirect health problems. Are one of the causes of allergies. Undoubtedly, taking care of the right microclimate in the bathroom will also be visible to users in a more tangible way - proper ventilation means much fresher air, which is felt immediately upon entering the room. Bathroom fan with motion sensor will make it easier for you to take care of hygiene in your bathroom.

Proper ventilation and the use of the bathroom

Improper ventilation in the bathroom can also be very troublesome from a pragmatic point of view. Without a fan to force air circulation, it will be difficult to deal with moisture settling on the walls, floor, ceiling and bathroom furniture. With proper ventilation, this will not be a problem. Bathroom fan with motion sensor, will turn on when you need it.

Bathroom fans with motion sensor - which model to choose?

Knowing the needs of customers, we provide access to a wide range of bathroom fan models. There are versions with different diameters - from 100 mm to 150 mm. They should be selected after checking the diameter of the chimney flue first. In addition, we take care of customers who pay attention to aesthetic issues. So you can find fans of different colors with us - white, black, or silver. In addition, some models are equipped with LED backlighting, which looks extremely striking and elegant. It's up to you which motion sensor bathroom fan you choose!

Our range also includes very practical bathroom fans with PIR motion sensor. The sensors turn on bathroom fan after one enters the bathroom, and then it is automatically turned off after a certain period of time. This ensures adequate ventilation at times when it matters most and allows you to completely automate the entire process.