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Ladder radiators for the bathroom

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One of the must-have fixtures when decorating a bathroom is a bathroom radiator. However, depending on how large the room is, it will be slightly different not only in terms of visual appearance, but also in terms of parameters. We believe that by browsing our offer, each customer will find such a model that will meet the requirements of the device.

Why a radiator is needed in the bathroom?

The primary function of the bathroom radiator is to maintain the temperature of the room at an optimal level. It is necessary to ensure that it is slightly higher than in other interiors. This is important because there is a higher level of moisture in the bathroom, thanks to heating it can be eliminated and thus prevent the appearance of mold and mildew. At the same time, ensure good air circulation. It would be advisable to think about equipping the bathroom with a radiator even if it has underfloor heating. This is recommended especially in corner rooms where there are two external walls of the building.

In addition, bathroom heaters are used to dry towels after a bath or shower. It for this reason, the type that continues to be most popular is the ladder radiator. On the subsequent rungs you can hang more than if it were a panel model.

How to choose a functional bathroom radiator?

The choice of radiator can not be random, because, as you can see from what was above, it performs several important functions. First of all, practical considerations should be taken into account, so match the power of the device to the area of the bathroom. What kind of bathroom radiator will work in this regard can be easily calculated, as there should be 100-130 watts per square meter of space. This value can be higher when the bathroom has exterior walls or is very high. Then the power of the heating device should be correspondingly higher. It is also worth considering whether the bathroom heater is to be used for drying or heating towels.

Choose between a horizontal and vertical bathroom radiator. This makes it easy to fit the model to the size of the wall space. Most often, however, the bathroom is a smaller room, where it is important to arrange the space ergonomically, and in this a vertical bathroom radiator will work much better.

Radiator as a bathroom decoration

Modern bathroom radiators are not only refined in terms of functionality, but also aesthetics. Many models have a modern design and are phenomenal additions to various arrangements. A decorative bathroom radiator can come in many colors and feature a different design. Depending on the design and the investor's vision of the decor, the bathroom radiator will be a subtle background for the other elements in the interior, or it will be a model in a contrasting color, making it one of the most important decorations.

Bathroom radiator in STERR offer

Want to find an elegant and reliable bathroom radiator, you should take a look at our offer. The devices available from us have been designed so that their design matches modern décor. Therefore, we propose a black bathroom radiator. Black is one of the popular colors used in modern arrangements. Besides, such a bathroom radiator looks more original and interesting than white models. You can get a model that has rungs arranged horizontally, thus gaining drying space. Electric bathroom heater with vertical rungs also available. Its innovative design will attract attention from the threshold.

When choosing a bathroom radiator from our offer, you should also review other products. They, too, are characterized by durability and made of high-quality materials. An example is bathroom fan, which will perfectly perform its functions for a long time. Also available are chimney cowls, thermostats and wireless bells. When you decide to buy from us, you get the assurance that your home will be installed with the highest quality equipment.