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Exhaust axial fans

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Exhaust wall-mounted axial fan allows quick extraction of contaminated air masses and moisture from rooms such as basement, warehouse or garage. Dirt, dust and moisture are expelled outside the building, greatly improving the comfort of the premises. How to choose the right model of axial fan and what to follow when choosing one? What are the main applications and advantages of these devices?

Exhaust axial fans: applications

Fans have found a wide range of applications in everyday life and business. They are part of exhaust systems in private buildings, bathrooms and garages. They are also part of complex, mechanical industrial plant systems. In our catalog you will find axial fans, designed for larger and smaller rooms, such as:

  • industrial halls,
  • workshops,
  • refrigerated trucks,
  • basements,
  • warehouses, depots,
  • service premises, stores.

STERR compact axial fan will prove useful wherever there is a need for constant air exchange and there is a possibility to connect the device vertically, on a wall or on a ventilation stack. It is advisable to install it in a utility room, attic or in the basements of buildings. The device works quietly and efficiently, so it can be placed in the vicinity of residential premises.

Functions of axial exhaust fans

As the name implies, the axial exhaust fan acts as an extractor of used air. It allows volatile pollutants, dust and carbon dioxide to be pushed out of the building. The device stabilizes the humidity level of the rooms and eliminates the problem of multiplication of pathogenic fungi on the lower or upper floors.

The exhaust function in mechanical ventilation is very important. It provides continuous air movement and oxygen influx to buildings. Constant circulation and free flow of air through the rotor result in a human-friendly microclimate in the ventilated premises.

Wall-mounted axial fans

On the Shop you will find various models of wall axial type fans. The catalog offers an axial exhaust fan with the option of rotating 1320 or 1350 times per minute and with a power output: 90W, 180W and 420W. We offer units with diameters: 300 mm, 400 mm and 500 mm, so you can easily match them to the size of the room and the specifics of your installation.

AXF400B, AXF500B and AXF300B fans are perfect for the walls of industrial and commercial buildings. These units are much larger and more efficient than small bathroom fans, placed vertically or on ceilings, indoors.

What to look for when choosing an axial fan?

Axial ventilation will do its job as long as it is properly tailored to individual needs. What to look for before buying an extractor for a mechanical ventilation system? Here are some highlights:

  • the fan should be adapted to the size of the premises (the larger the facility, the larger the fan will be needed, the selection of ventilation equipment in industrial and commercial facilities is best entrusted to an HVAC designer),
  • make sure that the chosen model of the device is suitable for wall mounting,
  • check the noise level of the fan - if it is to operate in a private building or other facility, located close to houses and apartments, it should not be too loud and exceed the value of 50-55 decibels.

Also keep in mind that a standard, economical axial fan will not work well in the vicinity of industrial boilers or workstations at risk of explosion. At points where there are high temperatures or flammable, volatile substances float, use special explosion-proof axial fans with a reinforced design.

Axial fan models will also not work well in ventilation systems, combined with recuperation. This is because recuperation has its own air handling unit, equipped with cross-flow, rotary or counter-flow heat exchangers.

Why choose a STERR axial exhaust fan?

STERR brand is focused on high quality, durable and reliable solutions. What distinguishes STERR axial type fans? These devices are:

  • simple to install,
  • efficient,
  • available at a competitive price,
  • resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion,
  • quiet (the noise level increases in proportion to the size of the impeller, of course),
  • aesthetically pleasing, matching modern building arrangements.

The task of mechanical ventilation is to ensure the constant circulation of air inside buildings. STERR wall-mounted axial fans perfectly streamline this process and allow you to maintain optimal conditions indoors. Each fan model is designed for intensive continuous operation and comes with a warranty of several years.

Looking for an axial fan for your basement or warehouse? Check out the models, available in our catalog. Do you have additional questions, regarding technical parameters or functionality? Call or write. We remain at your disposal.