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Duct fans: two-speed

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Every building should have a properly designed ventilation system that meets certain performance thresholds. The two-speed controller is a device that will automate this process, making it easier to operate the building. On the Shop we offer you a high-quality range of fans of various types, which are designed to improve the operation of ventilation in your home, catering premises or office. The assortment available on the site has passed all possible quality checks and has the required certificates, which confirm the highest quality and functionality. As a result, our product range will successfully perform even at facilities where it will be heavily used.

Duct fans are a unique offering, thanks to which we have won a group of trusted customers. We offer fans of varying degrees of efficiency and power, with different dimensions and additional advanced features. We invite you to take a look at the offer below and choose the right assortment for your expectations.

You can find with us two-speed fans that fit ducts of different diameters. These are models starting at 100 mm in diameter, while the largest are 200 mm in diameter. In addition, we also offer DFA duct fan and IDM fans. Two-speed versions are available in different price variants.

What are duct fans?

Duct fans are the devices that are chosen most often as part of a mechanical ventilation system. The duct fan has a fairly simple and uncomplicated design, making it easy to install and operate. This type of ventilation device is used to transport air between the room and the outside world. It has many advantages that encourage customers to buy this equipment wide capacity range, quiet operation, high static pressure and high quality. Our product range is based on high-end products, so each fan operates quietly enough to ensure that you remain completely comfortable when using the room. At the same time, air circulation is strong enough that this is completely sufficient to achieve satisfactory results. On the other hand, a two-speed controller for the fan allows for convenient use of the entire unit.

It is worth noting the installation of these remarkable devices. Duct fans should be mounted as high as possible from the floor - then we can be sure that it removes only stale air from the room, and not just the windblown air. When installing them, pay attention to the condition of the ventilation system, it must not deviate from generally accepted standards. It is also worth knowing that duct fans must not be installed in rooms where there is an open combustion chamber, or directly over fireplaces, grills.

Which duct fan to choose?

Available duct fans are the definition of high quality. We offer you a collection of the best ventilation products with high efficiency and long service life without replacement. We want to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, so we require our products to be free of defects and incredibly high performance.

Our favorites are two fan models - DFA150 SILENT and DFA100-125 SILENT. Both products have an incredibly modern design and have many advantages, most importantly, they are quiet. They have high power and efficiency from - 530 - 284 m3/h. These unique models also have an additional two gears, which affects the comfort of their use, since the user himself decides with what efficiency at any given time the air will be ventilated in the room. These models have a very good reputation among customers and even after many years of operation do not cause problems. In addition, the above performance is quite sufficient to provide adequate air circulation in an average room. Another interesting application is their ability to be mounted - both horizontal and vertical alignment makes no difference!

What properties a good duct fan should represent and what are its applications?

A good duct fan is one that performs its function and has a price that is not too exorbitant. Their main use is to support gravity ventilation to increase airflow efficiency. Duct fans can work in conjunction with filters and heaters to further purify and heat the air, which is especially useful in colder periods. Few people realize that a duct fan can work with other equipment such as kitchen hoods with a grease filter. Many users opt for ducted ventilation, with additional mechanical support to remove moisture and unpleasant odors from the room.

You can install interesting additional features to your ventilation system, such as a humidity sensor that will run until the humidity level does not fall to a given level, a time delay, automatic louvers that regulate the amount of air flow, and room occupancy sensors that trigger when it detects presence in a room.

Why choose our duct fan? is a brand that has been on the market for many years and has satisfied its customers with a high-quality assortment for many years. We try to create our offers so that they are as versatile as possible and satisfy even the most demanding customers. The assortment gathered on the site is a guarantee of high quality, because we establish cooperation only with manufacturers and subcontractors who do not accept any margin of error. In addition, we care about the trust of our customers, so the products available from us, are displayed at the lowest possible price.

Two-speed controller and fan is an indispensable device in any bathroom, as well as in utility rooms where there is high humidity. Excessive humidity combined with high temperatures makes bacteria, fungi, mold and other microorganisms grow extremely quickly in such conditions. Such a microclimate becomes very unfavorable to humans after a while and can cause at least allergies, or even more serious health problems. However, an ordinary fan will provide air circulation that will successfully provide fresh air in the room, so you should opt for a duct fan from our offer.

When looking for two-speed fans and controllers with specific parameters, just check the detailed product descriptions from our store. Each model is precisely described, and among the parameters are listed power, dimensions, performance, or technical details, among others.

We cannot but cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the following offer. We also encourage you to visit other categories available on the site. If you have trouble with your order, or have additional questions, please contact the staff, who will give you competent advice. Please visit!!!