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Heat pump & air conditioner floor stand

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In case the air conditioner cannot be mounted on the wall, an air conditioner bracket may be helpful. It's a fairly simple design that works perfectly in many situations. It will allow to increase the comfort of household members, even if it seems that the installation of the device will be difficult. High-quality air conditioning brackets, as well as those that can be used with heat pumps, are available at the STERR store. Their quality workmanship and versatile application will be appreciated even by demanding customers looking for premium products.

Heat pumps and air conditioners - modern solutions

Energy-saving and comfort-friendly devices are readily available, so many builders are opting for them. Among the popular equipment are heat pumps and air conditioners. The first solution is environmentally friendly and makes efficient use of renewable energy. This is one way to heat your home and reduce your electricity bill. On the other hand, running air conditioning is most often thought of in summer, when temperatures are high outside the window. There are quite a few models available on the market, and although the purchase of the device itself sometimes involves dilemmas, the challenges don't end there, because you have to think about the issue of installation. The easiest way to equip a newly constructed building with them is to consider their presence at the design stage. However, installation is also possible in houses that are already standing, but this is when difficulties arise with the aforementioned installation. That's when you need to equip yourself with either a wall bracket or an air conditioning or heat pump bracket.

Air conditioning brackets in STERR's offer

In order for the air conditioning bracket to perform its functions well, it must be matched by its size to a specific model of equipment. In addition, you need to remember to choose such air conditioning brackets that will be made of materials resistant to changing weather conditions and the appearance of corrosion. Such, without a doubt, are the products of the STERR brand, which are the answer to the various needs of buyers. Provide state-of-the-art solutions to enhance the ergonomics of using multiple devices. We realize that trouble can arise when installing heat pumps and air conditioning. For this reason, our offer includes high-end brackets for heat pumps and air conditioners. They are rugged and prepared for use on many models.

STERR air conditioning bracket - quality you will appreciate

We have made sure that the models available from us feature a long service life. They are made of a good grade of stainless steel and have a carrying capacity of up to 500 kg. STERR brand air conditioner support can be attached to a variety of substrates, making it suitable for almost any type of construction. Supports for air conditioners are suitable with brick and concrete surfaces. They can also be placed on flat roofs that have been covered with cardboard. During production, we also took into account that heat pumps and air conditioners have different technical parameters. They differ not only in weight, but also in dimensions. For this reason, every available air conditioning and heat pump bracket has an adjustment option. Its wide range will allow it to fit many models of devices. Depending on the device with which the air conditioning bracket is to be installed, its length can vary from 600 to 1035 mm.

Why trust the STERR brand?

We have been in the market for many years. During this time we have gained the trust of customers in the country and in Europe. We are constantly following trends and improving our solutions. Combined with modern technologies and high-end materials that we use in production, this guarantees that individual products will serve without failure for a long time. Through us you can buy not only a bracket for air conditioning or heat pumps, but also many other products such as fans, thermostats, or chimney cowls. All of them are created with equal attention to detail, so we encourage you to take a look at the entire assortment prepared by STERR.