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Insulated ventilation ducts: round and flexible

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Ventilation ducts are essential for keeping fresh air and the right microclimate in the house. However, chimneys alone are not enough, as they still need to be properly made. Among other things, insulated ventilation ducts from our store are used for this purpose. They are indispensable in any ventilation duct that is supposed to function properly in terms of air removal. Without properly sized ducts installed inside or outside existing flue pipes, the air will heat unevenly and it is very possible that a back draft will occur. This is very unfavorable and completely disrupts the proper flow of air masses. In our store you can find only ventilation ducts from reputable manufacturers, who are able to provide great workmanship and the use of the best materials, which allows you to achieve good enough thermal insulation.

Insulated ventilation ducts - workmanship first and foremost

We know that the construction of ventilation ducts is an investment for decades to come. Therefore, we strive to ensure that the products we sell meet the highest quality criteria. All of the cables are made of several layers, and each of them is made of ideally suited materials that, even after years, will not lose their performance in terms of mechanical strength and insulating qualities. Available with us ventilation ducts can therefore be installed on facilities where the quality of workmanship is of great importance. They are suitable for use not only in homes, but also in service buildings, or industrial buildings. Each of our products undergoes quality control, so our customers can be sure that the cables are leak-proof and have the declared parameters. We are confident in the quality of our products, so we are able to provide a quality guarantee on each insulated ventilation duct.

Insulated ventilation ducts - parameters

The insulated ventilation ducts we sell are available in 5m or 10m variants. Of course, they are suitable for combining. They are flexible, so they offer great installation possibilities and will work well in many different buildings. Given the materials they are made of, they can operate at operating temperatures starting from -30 to as high as +140 degrees Celsius. Such a wide temperature range makes it a versatile product with many applications.

The ventilation ducts use insulation as thick as 25 mm, which, combined with its density of 12-16 kg/m3, makes it possible to achieve a very high level of insulation that meets the criteria of even demanding investors and installers. The channels themselves are multi-layered and are made of laminated aluminum and polyester. Meanwhile, the outer jacket is made of high-strength metallized polyester.

Ventilation ducts in various sizes

To meet the diverse needs of customers, we provide access to insulated ventilation ducts in various sizes. The smallest of the diameters is 80 mm, while the largest is 200 mm. Intermediate sizes are also available, i.e. 100, 125 and 200 mm. There will also be a 150 mm insulated ventilation pipe. The 200 mm inside diameter version has an outside diameter of 250 mm, while the 80 mm inside diameter variant, has a diameter of 130 mm outside.

Wanting to find the right product for you, just search using a convenient search engine, where you can set the exact parameters of insulated ventilation ducts. In addition, you can also find other types of ventilation ducts in our offer - reinforced and aluminum ones.