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Chimney guards

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To improve draft, chimney cowls of various types are installed on the chimney, which include chimney firefighters. This is a type of self-adjusting cowl, which is used when there are disturbances in the chimney draught.

How chimney firefighters work?

The chimney guard will find its application in the case of ventilation and flue gas chimneys. It is installed to increase efficiency. It is also important for improving the safety of operation in the heating system. Chimney fireguards work in the same way as other commonly available self-aligning cowls. This means that, depending on the direction of the wind blowing, the chimney cowl will position itself in a different direction.

The design and operation of the cowl are intended to protect the flue pipe. This not only gives the chimney wind protection, but creates a negative pressure during winding to increase chimney draught. Well-functioning chimney guards are an effective protection against the formation of back draught. In addition, the presence of this type of cap will deter birds or insects that could nest in the chimney. Also, snow, rain, leaves and other pollutants will not fall into the chimney.

When a fireman's cowl will work?

The fireman rotary chimney cowl is an ideal choice in several situations. It is worth thinking about its installation when the flue chimney is poorly made and does not allow efficient elimination of flue gases. Chimney guards also work well when the cross-section of the flue is insufficient. What should also prompt you to buy is the poor exit of the smoke stack above the roofing material.

How to install chimney guards?

Installation of the firefighter is not complicated. Its cap is attached to the chimney cap using special pins. Some people reach for clamping clamps and attach the cowl to the flue pipe. Chimney guards must always be well levelled. If it so happens that the shape of the cowl differs from what the shape of the flue pipe is, you should additionally use a re-education passage. It often happens that inside one chimney there are several ducts. In such a situation, chimney fireguards will have to be on all pipes. Since the installation of a chimney cap involves work at height and a greater risk of accident, it is worth entrusting it to specialists.

For the chimney cowl to work efficiently, in addition to proper installation, systematic maintenance is important. When a firefighter verifies the condition of chimneys during an inspection, he should look at the cap. Then clean the helmet and check that the bearings work well.

High-quality chimney firefighters by STERR

Among the most important factors that are taken into account during the purchase is what materials the chimney guard is made of. You need to keep in mind where the cap is and what weather conditions it will be exposed to. Each chimney cowl of the fireman type, which is available in our store, was created from excellent quality stainless steel plate. This is one of the most durable materials, which ensures that the chimney guard with base purchased from us will perform its function perfectly for a long time.

The second determinant of choice is to verify what size chimney guards will fit on a given chimney. Chimneys can be of different widths, so the models we offer vary in this regard. In addition, each model is a chimney fireman with an external ball bearing characterized by reliable operation. Fireman's chimney cowls by STERR are finished very carefully and look elegant, thus enhancing the aesthetics of the roofing present on the building.

Browsing through our assortment, you can also find many other products, including available chimney cowl in many variants and chimney canopies. All of them are of the same high quality as the firefighters, and we encourage any customer who values comfort, aesthetics and durability to buy them.