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Ventilation ducts: aluminum, PVC ventilation pipes

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Adequate indoor air circulation is a necessary construction procedure that must be taken into account at the planning stage itself. Ventilation systems bring fresh air into rooms and expel contaminated air outside. A well-functioning system is therefore a necessity for maintaining adequate health and prevention of the respiratory system. However, the ventilation pipes need to be properly fitted so that the entire system can work trouble-free for many years to come. On the Shop we distribute high quality ventilation equipment (such as ventilation ducts) and products needed for heating installation. We are guided first and foremost by the well-being of our customers, so we guarantee you that the range available from us is the definition of high quality! Our offer consists only of products from proven suppliers that are able to provide multi-year warranties, and reviews of their products indicate that they are proven components. Take a look at our offer and see which ventilation pipe will be best for you!

Ventilation pipe - which one to choose?

Every building should have an adequate ventilation system-whether it be gravity, natural, mechanical or hybrid ventilation. Ventilation installation consists of such elements as ventilation pipe (brings fresh air into the room), duct connectors (adapts the pipe to the technical conditions of the building), ventilation elbows (we distinguish horizontal and vertical, they are used to connect the elements of the installation) and check valves.

Ventilation pipes are available in different variants. These can be standard pipes, as well as versions reinforced with a special coating. The selection of the right model must always be dictated by where the pipe is to be installed. However, the pipes available from us are made of very solid materials that guarantee resistance to mechanical damage both during installation and during operation itself. Properly installed pipes will last for several decades.

The ventilation ducts available in the following category are the best items on the entire market. Our experts have tested every model in the category and unanimously concluded that their quality and robustness will work in any home. We offer both aluminum channels and those created from PVC material, as well as products created from a combination of these two materials. The greatest strength is characterized by those channels that have additional reinforcement.

Ventilation pipes in various sizes

Selection of pipe size depends on the cross section of the ventilation duct. This can be, for example, a chimney or culvert in which the ventilation pipe will be routed. To meet the needs of our customers, the range will include ventilation pipes with diameters from 80 to 300 mm. The shortest sections you can buy from us are 3 m long while the longest, as much as 10 m.

What to look for when choosing ventilation pipes?

To make the right choice of ventilation ducts, you must first determine the type of your home ventilation. Knowing your needs makes it easier to make the right choice. If you have gravity ventilation, i.e. natural ventilation, it is worth investing in smooth pipes with a diameter of min. 10 cm. The smoother the ventilation wall, the air meets with less resistance, making it more efficient. For ventilation of the hood, we recommend standard aluminum ventilation ducts, which are rigid and smooth. Mechanical ventilation is a bit more complex and requires proper preparation. There is no definite answer as to which ventilation duct will be suitable for it - it all depends on the design and adaptation of the installation to the conditions. In this case, both rigid and soft channels can perfectly pass the test.

We also recommend paying attention to parameters such as diameter, brand, model, and length. Additional security or insulation may also be important. With this information, you will be sure that the selected ventilation pipe will meet your expectations.

We also offer insulated ducts, which are suitable for applications where it is necessary to exhaust warm or cold air, but avoiding heating up or cooling down of the duct itself. The thickness of the insulation and the material of workmanship allows to ensure effective air removal, and the material of workmanship allows use in temperatures from -30 to even +140 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the fact that we rely only on products from reputable suppliers, even when operating at such high temperatures, the ducts will not deteriorate for many years and we are able to provide a guarantee on our products.

Properly constructed ventilation system is characterized by good efficiency and no need to operate the structure. A good ventilation installation includes such articles as fans, ventilation ducts, ventilation grilles, anemostats, connectors, elbows, tees and reducing elements. The construction of the installation depends on the type of installation, because, for example, for an installation with a recuperator, a special device called a recuperator is required, which additionally allows the purification of air. The aforementioned installation is defined as mechanical - unnatural, while gravity ventilation, or natural ventilation, which does not require additional equipment to create air movement, is more common in homes. However, we are able to provide access not only to the ventilation pipes, but also to all the fittings needed for them.

Why you should trust us?

The ventilation ducts available on our site are not the only category with high quality and excellent workmanship. Together with our team of professionals, we have made sure that every offer we offer hits the needs of even the most demanding customers. For many years we have been a leader in the distribution of heating and ventilation products on the market. We are committed to the further development of the brand, so for our part we offer an assortment of the highest quality.

We realize that every building must have a working ventilation system in order to be approved for use. Adequate ventilation allows you to maintain health and prevention of a healthy respiratory system, so we realize the importance of high quality parts of the ventilation system, the basis of which is a well-chosen ventilation pipe. - definition of the best assortment

We would like to cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our high quality offer including ventilation ducts. We have made every effort to ensure that our offer meets the standards of even the most demanding customers. At the same time, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the other categories available on our site, as each of them is characterized by extremely high quality. If you have any doubts, please contact our friendly staff, who will answer all your questions. Please visit!